FAA Licensed Drone Pilots for Photography and Video

Applications of Aerial Photography & Video

Think your company has no use for our remarkable videos? You would be wrong! There are so many uses for aerial videos and photographs – for all types of companies and organizations. Your company can use our high-quality video to produce affordable, professional commercials, training videos, print ads, and promotional materials.

Other companies who benefit from aerial cinematography include resorts, farmers, real estate agents, and anyone who wants high-quality video from a variety of angles.

Through the use of our compact, unmanned aerial platforms we are able to go from ground level up to 400 feet.

This allows us to capture angles that are nearly impossible with manned aircraft!

Benefits of Aerial Cinematography & Photographs

Safe & Reliable Filming
Less Expensive than Manned Aircraft
Smaller Size Allows for Better Angles
Able to Fly Lower
Breath-Taking Shots!

St Louis Aerial Photography and Video
FAA Licensed and Insured Pilots with vast experience in photography and video productions.

Benefits of Hiring Licensed Drone Pilots for Events.

When considering the logistics of an upcoming event, it can difficult to decide what the best options are for the type of entertainment that you may be looking for. One option which has been growing increasingly popular is hiring a professional drone pilot, who provides professional and certified aerial coverage in accordance with aviation regulations.

Professional drone pilots are often more skilled than hobbyists and have specialized training, meaning they know how to operate several different kinds of drones to capture the best shot. They also have advanced technical knowledge about their drones such as battery safety, emergency landing procedures and proper maintenance. Furthermore, if you are looking to obtain any media or footage from a licensed drone pilot, it is much easier thanks to stringent rules against commercial use by hobbyists, making sure any media obtained is completely legal.

There are many other benefits from hiring a licensed drone pilot for your event such as providing quality coverage from expert angles ensuring all important aspects and details will be captured professionally. Licensed drone pilots also come prepared with trained safety staff and technicians along with spare parts for additional stability during flights over large events. In addition, having pre-existing qualified insurance providers means that you don’t have to worry about any accidents or potential liability issues while filming or taking photos on commercial property.

What Is a Licensed Drone Pilot?

A licensed drone pilot is an individual who is authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) in accordance with all applicable regulations. The licensed drone pilot has acquired the skills, knowledge, and understanding of flying a UAV responsibly and legally, to help businesses or individuals use UAVs to enhance their services.

In order to become a licensed drone pilot, an individual must hold an FAA Remote Pilot Certificate or other equivalent certificate or qualification from another aviation authority. This certification requires training and passing knowledge tests from the FAA as well as having passed written and flight tests from the local aviation authority. With this license, the individual will be able to ensure that any operations carried out in a particular area conform with the latest FAA guidelines for operating UAVs safely and legally. Professional license holders must also adhere to any acts associated with privacy laws as well as follow all civil aviation legislation that applies in their current geographical location.

Having a licensed drone pilot aboard for events such as weddings, corporate gatherings or festival activities is important because it helps ensure safe operation of a UAV while also offering qualified operators who possess proper qualifications needed for operation of these aircrafts which makes sure that businesses are not liable should anything occur while they are providing services with their drones. Not only does having a licensed professional on board guarantee safe operation but it also offers protection through proper insurance coverage should there be any legal issues related to drone flights where humans may have been at risk due to improper operation or lack of planning/preparation before flight operations took place.

Benefits of Hiring Licensed Drone Pilots

Hiring a licensed drone pilot for an event can offer a wide range of advantages, from capturing unforgettable aerial footage to providing incredible insights into new perspectives that help keep the buzz alive and direct the conversation. Whether you need versatile drones for a high-profile public event, or an experienced drone pilot for a more personal occasion, here are some of the main benefits to consider before hiring:

•Safety and experience: A licensed drone pilot has both the experience and expertise to safely inspect, operate and control their equipment while ensuring they comply with all local regulations.

•Unique perspectives: Professional drone pilots are able to capture unique bird’s-eye views of your event while remaining in control of their unmanned aircrafts. This can provide attendees with incredible visual experiences that they won’t forget.

•Better cameras and footage quality: Licensed drone pilots are able to use top-of-the line stabilized HD cameras that produce clearer imagery than those available with amateur drones. This results in stunning aerial shots that showcase your events in an unforgettable way.

•Reduce stress levels: Hiring a professional takes away the stress associated with planning an event as experienced professionals understand what it takes to get your job done successfully and efficiently as possible. They can help develop set protocols to ensure all safety requirements are met prior to commencement.

•Professional network connections: Licensed pilots have access to a network of resources full of advanced features such as obstacle avoidance technologies, better flight time performance and higher power motors that amateur operators may not have access to—giving them a leg up when it comes to getting the most out of their equipment on location.

Safety Considerations for Drone Pilots

When hiring a professional drone pilot for events, it’s essential to make sure the pilot is properly licensed and certified by the appropriate aviation authority. Not only does this ensure that the pilot meets the necessary legal requirements for operating a drone in your country, but also that he or she has been properly trained in safe operation.

License requirements vary from country to country, but all pilots should have either an FAA Certificate of Authorization (COA) or an air operator’s certificate (AOC) that proves they are legally authorized to fly their aircraft. In addition, most licensed pilots will hold a specific aviation theory license and will have undertaken practical flight training tailored to their particular type of craft.

Drone pilots should adhere to local regulations at all times and be fully aware of any rules governing airspace use in order to ensure they operate safely and remain compliant with local laws. The best drone pilots devote considerable time and effort into understanding applicable rules and regulations in order to maintain full transparency during all flights. They should also be familiar with any location-specific considerations such as restrictions imposed on airspace usage by airports or other local entities including cities and municipalities, as well as any temporary restrictions imposed due to ongoing construction work or events.

Drone Regulations and Laws

Before you consider hiring a licensed drone pilot for an event, it’s important to become familiar with the regulations and laws that can affect the use of drones. For personal use, a hobbyist must register their drone with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and obtain an operator certification. On the other hand, commercial operations require more stringent rules that include obtaining a Part 107 certificate and remaining compliant with local regulations at all times.

In December 2019, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) updated their drone regulations. According to these new rules, pilots flying for commercial purposes must:

  • Pass an aeronautical knowledge exam
  • Pass recurrent aeronautical knowledge tests every 24 months
  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Not fly unmanned aircraft over individuals not directly involved in the flight
  • Have a Remote Pilot Certificate with Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) rating
  • Submit to security screenings from the TSA
  • Register each drones with FAA before flight
  • Remain compliant with all FAA airspace rules and regulations across all states including temporary flight restrictions for state or local emergencies

Cost of Hiring a Licensed Drone Pilot

Hiring a licensed drone pilot is an important cost to consider when planning events. Many factors contribute to the cost such as the size of the drone fleet, location, duration of the event and other specific requirements. Licensed drone pilots require a certain skill set and are required to have certificates issued by the UAS supplier and/or other organizations that govern unmanned aviation. Additionally, they need specific insurance coverage which must meet international legal requirements.

When looking for a qualified licensed drone pilot for your event, it is important to obtain quotes from several vendors in order to compare prices and quality of services provided. Some professional pilots charge per hour or day with additional fees for equipment usage or pre-flight preparation tasks such as hazard assessments, flight plan generation and mission briefing. Others may offer discounted prices for larger events or bigger fleets or equipment rental packages that include additional personnel or administrative staff. In addition to costs related directly to their service, some pilot may also require compensation for travel expenses if long distance trips are anticipated due to travel distances involved in the mission.

Ultimately, if you need a reliable licensed drone pilot who can provide high quality services at competitive rates then comparison shopping is key. Be sure to carefully evaluate each candidate’s credentials before committing—as well as their references—and ask clarifying questions throughout the process in order find a qualified vendor who meets your budget requirements while ensuring exceptional results.

Finding the Right Drone Pilot for Your Event

Finding the right drone pilot for your event is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. As metal-winged aircraft, drones must be piloted by trained and licensed professionals in order to meet the highest safety standards.

The best drone pilots are constantly training and continuing their education as state laws, regulations and technology applicable to drones continue to evolve. Drone pilots must be knowledgeable about a variety of areas including airspace management, meteorology and drone operational safety procedures to ensure the successful execution of a project or event. Additionally, experienced pilots can take advantage of cutting-edge technologies such as computer vision or autonomous flight control systems to support their operations.

It is also important to choose a pilot with experience in the type of footage that you need for your event or project. By scrutinizing portfolios closely, you can find the right skill sets and knowledge base that meets your specific needs.

By choosing a professional, licensed drone operator with both technical expertise and artistic know-how, you will get professional quality results that are both cost effective as well as safe. When you select your drone pilot based on certification requirements, mental aptitude tests and proficiency exams conducted by recognized organizations like the Aerial Film Academy, you will have peace of mind knowing that each flight has been planned according to FAA standards through recognized individuals who possess knowledge essential for safe operations in current airspace regulations.

Hiring an FAA licensed drone pilot can bring many benefits to your event. Not only is it safer and legal, but the end result can be amazing aerial footage that captures the beauty of your venue.

Licensed pilots will have greater experience flying in various conditions and have access to professional-grade equipment that guarantees better results. They are also up-to-date on the latest rules and regulations, ensuring that they follow all safety protocols while also satisfying all requirements set forth by government agencies.

Ultimately, partnering with a licensed pilot has great potential to add a ‘wow’ factor to your event and create unforgettable memories for everyone involved.



Rob Haller, Creative Coordinator


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