Freelance Videographers & Crews

Professional freelance business videographers create high-quality video for businesses of any size. To leverage the potential of video, you need a well-thought-out and strategic approach. Our professionals have the qualifications and experience to produce unique, impactful visual stories.

Our roles include storyboarding, script-writing, editing, and aerial/drone filming. We can also create 360° virtual reality (VR) content. This type of marketing captures viewers’ attention more easily. Our experienced freelancers will help you establish the best narrative for your brand story. We make custom videos for branding/image building campaigns, promotional product videos, or live-recorded footage from corporate events.

Our videographers are proficient in audio and visual recording technologies. Get quality results by contacting a professional freelancer today!

Benefits of Hiring Our Professional Freelance Business Videographers

Hiring our freelance professional business videographers for your corporate videos has numerous advantages. They have the technical expertise and know-how to create high-quality videos. They have experience in film production and editing, plus access to studio facilities, advanced video editing software, and other equipment. These professionals can help create a high-impact video that communicates your message to the target audience. It can even increase brand awareness!

Our videographers possess sound design, lighting, camera movements, animation skills, and knowledge of post-production techniques. They can combine multiple types of media elements, such as graphic design and animation, to make a memorable movie reel. This helps convey ideas through visuals. Working with experienced professionals guarantees quality performance and reliable partners. This is important for achieving maximum reach for both employee onboarding and training sessions, as well as promotional content aimed at consumers or industry professionals.

Types of Corporate Videos

Videos are a great way to reach a wide audience and show important corporate messages. Professional freelance business videographers can help create high-quality videos on any corporate topic. Common kinds of corporate video productions include:

-Corporate Overview: A video that explains the company’s mission, values, services, products, etc. It is often used to greet vendors, investors, customers, and employees.

-Case Studies: Videos that explain how companies use their services to help customers. It’s a great customer service tool.

-Training Videos: Videos that teach people how to communicate properly in a corporate setting through simulations or interviews with experts.

-Product Launch Videos: Creating compelling product introduction videos for web and TV commercials.

-Marketing Collateral Videos: Elevating branded marketing materials with videos, such as interviews, animations, and streaming product demonstrations to engage customers.

Tips for Creating Professional Corporate Videos

Planning a corporate video? Get ready for success! Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Planning & Script: Plan each step of the production process and write a script. Decide on the length, template, format, goal, shots and scenes.

Location: Find an appropriate location. Use in-house offices or public parks, office complexes or hotels.

Freelance Videographers: Look online for experienced professionals nearby. Compare prices before selecting one.

Equipment & Props: Figure out what extra equipment or props you need. Organize them well in advance.

Production Team: Hire technicians, lights, camera operators, sound engineers and presenters/actors.

Editing & Post Production: Switch to editing and post production. Freelancers have access to software packages for special effects, titles, etc. Establish clear objectives. Cut long explanations. Recycle dynamic scenes. Learn from past mistakes. Make sure the final vision exceeds expectations.

Equipment and Technology Needed for Professional Freelance Business Videography

Creating corporate videos demands specialized equipment and technology to get a top-notch result. Our professional freelance business videographers have some all of these items in their kit:

Camera – A quality camera is one of the most important pieces in the kit. It must have features like adjustable ISO, adjustable exposure, and variable frame rates. Plus, a selection of lenses for shooting varied angles and types of shots.

Lights – Depending on the location and conditions, lighting is crucial when shooting video footage. Many light sources may be needed to reduce shadows, provide fill-in light or add effects like color temperature changes or backlights.

Tripod – Tripods are essential for stabilizing film footage and providing smooth pans or zooms during shooting. Professional videographers may carry a range deck or slider for extra stabilization when needed.

Audio Equipment – Quality audio is just as important as quality video when making corporate videos. An external microphone like a lavalier lapel mic works well in conference rooms with multiple people speaking at once. Headphones are necessary to monitor audio levels throughout filming sessions and mixing boards for achieving optimal sound quality during editing/post-production.

Computer/Editing Software – Computer equipment with powerful processors and plenty of memory are needed to edit high resolution video footage quickly without compromising on quality during post-production workflows. Professional freelancers usually use specialized video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro to fine tune the project before delivery.

Post-Production Tips for Professional Freelance Business Videography

Post-production is a key part of creating video. Professional freelance business videography projects need special care. Take notice of the small details to make your project stand out. Here are some tips for getting the best post-production for your professional freelance business videography projects.

Editing: Editing is vital. Use nonlinear editing software like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve, or Avid. Add sound, music, titles and graphics for a professional finish.

Color grading: Color grade each shot for a unique feel. Tweak hue and intensity levels by controlling saturation and brightness for creative visuals and lighting effects. Change colors for the best scene. This will give viewers an improved experience.

Motion graphics/compositing: Motion graphics or compositing add movement layers over static shots or images. Use animation tools such as After Effects to apply visual effects, even if you don’t have drawing skills.

Sound design: Sound design mixes sound effects and music. Professional editors use Adobe Audition or Pro Tools. Subtle sound design makes it easier for viewers to appreciate the video. Emphasis on both visuals and audio helps establish impact and improves aesthetics.

We can help you with all these so you don’t have to do all the research. We have access to many award-winning, professional business videographers.
Rob Haller, Creative Coordinator