Recruiting Video Productions

Recruitment Videos to combat your labor shortage.

If you’re looking to boost your recruitment efforts, one powerful tool you may want to consider is video production. A well-made recruitment video can help you communicate key information about your company and open positions, while also eliciting emotion and encouraging viewers to take action. When done right, video production for recruitment can be a great way to reach a wide audience and make a lasting impression.

If you’re considering incorporating video into your recruitment strategy, keep the following things in mind: -The power of video to reach and engage viewers: Video is one of the most shareable and engaging content types, making it a powerful tool for recruiting. -The ability to communicate emotion and encourage action: A key element of successful

Finding the best talent.  Finding the right skill set, personality and culture fit for your firm.  A recruitment video sets up the tone of the business from the very beginning, allowing the viewer to decide quickly whether the application is worth their time. 

Sometimes, even in a one-to-one interview, it can be challenging for a candidate to get a real sense of the company culture.  What can your offer provide a good salary, good benefits or a flexible remote work policy?  Screening processes are including questions about vaccine status.

Recruitment videos are an asset to your company because it gives the world the opportunity to get a ‘feel’ for what it’ll be like to work there.

Hiring younger talent and training them.  What about micro-degrees and mentorship?

What is the purpose of your recruitment video?  Let us help you create the right video tools for your communications for recruiting the right talent.


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