Lee Lilley Murals and Illustrations







IMG_5674  IMG_6607





The development of the illustration or mural concept is both a systematic process and an adventure – never the same twice! I never know what crazy ideas are in store for me when I meet with a client. When my clients don’t have a clear idea of what they want painted, I gather a few small clues and then I offer suggestions based on my intuition and experience. My job is to take the seeds of inspiration from the client and transform them into something beautiful they will enjoy for a long time.

As an artist, I feel confident that I can work with my clients to create a finished product they will love by incorporating their ideas, tastes and style into the mural. And let’s have fun with it. The whole process of brainstorming, creating, and appreciating the finished piece is most rewarding.

Lee Lilley

Art Director and Painter


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