Creative Corporate Video Production FPV InPlant Drone Video Production.

Safely shooting with a drone inside the office and the manufacturing plant.

Fly the drone indoors safely. FPV can take flight in the office or manufacturing plant. We’ve taken the safety aspect into account and built some of our own drones. Yes, with a 3D printer. Extremely light weight, and versatile to fly safely indoors. Couple that with experienced pilots and you can create some great marketing tools.

Flying indoors requires exceptional skill on the part of the drone pilot and in this case full attention was needed with regard to the lighting in some of the darker warehouse spaces.  Safely done, indoor drone flying can add another level to your filmmaking capabilities and be beneficial for a variety of projects it turns out drones are great for showing up the construction of new buildings the operation of equipment or machinery or even just the interior of a large facility.  They’re also great for residential real estate opening up the opportunity for cool new shots such as transitioning from indoors to outdoors.
Rob Haller, Creative Coordinator


St Louis Creative Services | Drone Aerial Cinematography

Internationally known artist, Andrea Stanislav, selected our drone creative services to help in her production of Convergence Infinite showing at the St Louis Art Museum.  Dave Topping and Rob Haller were the drone assistants on the project to showcase an Eagles Eye view of St Louis.


Here is a great article of her current work now showing.




Here is a very interesting video of her work.


Rob Haller, Creative Coordinator