St Louis Creative Services | Video Production

Our Creative Studio provides complete creative consulting and development of high-quality, cost-effective business video production content, with quick turnaround times and final deliverables for use internally and marketing externally- online, television, and mobile platforms.

With studios in south county of St. Louis we serve clients throughout the USA. Pre-Production (Screenwriting), Production (On-Location/In-Studio) and Post-Production (Editing, Voiceover Narration, Animation, Music) needs are all based on your specific project requirements.

st louis streaming video productions

Create a web video between 2-4 minutes that incorporates a concise overview of a business or organization’s brand image and goods/services provided.  A scripted approach to explaining your business, sometimes called a “handshake video,” used for an online welcome page. Filmed on location or in-studio, and also includes multiple interview segments and product/service demonstrations.

Live video streaming solutions

On-location filming of a company’s meeting, speaking engagement, or other type of event held for employees and clients. Can include live online broadcasts via a secure link, edited meeting highlights, or the complete seminar event edit, filmed over one or several days as scheduled.
Rob Haller, Creative Coordinator



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